About Us

Elliot Perry is a native Memphian who wants his hometown to know what the rest of the nation does – that Memphis is home to a host of champions with creative solutions for giving every child a chance at a first-class education.

Education means a lot of different things to a lot of different people – it’s a political football, it’s a daunting responsibility, it’s the door to opportunity, it’s the great equalizer. There is likely no community in the United States where education is not near the top of the list of vital priorities. Yet, in nearly every city in the nation, there is a general sense that attempts to educate young people – particularly urban young people – are failing. Memphis is one of those cities.

“It’s a matter of us believing that it can happen and knowing how we can all plug in to make a difference.”Elliot Perry

There are creative solutions at work in Memphis that could eventually transform the face of urban education forever — all real, all happening now:

  • Federal grants
  • Visionary programs funded by international philanthropists
  • Innovative ideas for charter schools
  • Teachers at the top of the class choosing to work in Memphis
  • Ambitious teacher and principal preparation programs

“Memphis is poised to go to the next level… I’m just so hopeful that change can happen here.”Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education