Jubilee Schools

Known nationally as the “Miracle in Memphis,” the Jubilee Schools are an unprecedented example of previously closed Catholic schools re-opening to serve a predominantly low-income student population via significant need-based scholarships. The highly respected school quality of the eight Jubilee Schools is achieved at approximately one-half the per-pupil cost of neighboring public schools. Despite well-established successes, the Jubilee Schools are 100% committed to continual improvement each and every day. “We teach the children not because they are Catholic but because we are. Education is a mission of our Church.” – Dr. Mary C. McDonald, Superintendent of Schools

“The most successful [urban Catholic school] model of all may well be in Memphis.” – The New York Times

Jubilee Schools hope to connect with Memphians eager to give of their time and talents. They are looking for people to Teach; Tutor in reading and math; Adopt a school for specific events (i.e. teacher appreciation events, “Career Days,” etc.); Mentor students; Donate student incentive items for performance-based awards (e.g. books, magazine subscriptions, board games, musical instruments, art supplies, school supplies, book bags, sports equipment); and make financial contributions.

To learn more visit www.jubileeschools.org